Plan Hangers Hang a Plan


Plan hangers, also known to some as drawing hangers, blueprint hangers or plan clamps are mainly used for the hanging and storage of building plans and drawings. In some cases people also use them to hang art or posters as well.

Plan hangers come in various sizes. On this site the plan hangers we sell will accommodate A0, A1, A2 and A3 drawings. All Hang a Plan drawing hangers come with handles as standard. The handles enable you to carry your plans/drawings to client’s offices without the need of transferring them to a portfolio.

Plan hangers need to be stored on either a wall plan rack or plan trolley for ease of access and to protect the drawings being hung on them. People generally make an error by thinking that you can mix and match brands as some hangers look similar, but this is not the case, you must use the same brand of plan hanger, plan trolley and wall plan rack in all instances.The size of the plan clamps are listed below to help you choose the correct size of plan hanger for your drawings:

A0 902mm

A1 605mm

A2 475mm (can also be used to store A3 in Landscape format)

All the plan hangers we stock will hold up to 100 drawings dependent on the thickness of the paper. However most people do like to use one plan hanger per project, which would normally be far less. Each plan hanger comes with a labels for easy identification.

All Hang a Plan drawing hangers come with a 10 Year Guarantee.