Drawing Hangers


ArnosHang a Plan Architectural Drawing Hanger Systems.

Arnos Hang a Plan, plan storage systems comes either as a wall plan rack or plan trolley. There are various plan trolleys and plan racks to suit the different sizes of plan drawing hangers that they do. To better assist you to make the right choice we have listed these below:

Arnos Hang a Plan, plan trolleys:

 Hang a Plan trolleys are available in three different types. It is important to first work out what size plan drawings or maps you want to store in the plan trolley:

The D060 (our code 600210) Hang a Plan trolley will take, A0 drawing hangers, A1 drawing hangers and A2 drawing hangers. The plan trolley will fit up to 20 hangers in either one size or all sizes.

 The D061 (our code 290954) Hang a Plan trolley will take either A1 or A2 drawing hangers, or both. This plan trolley will also fit up to hangers.

 The D062 (our code 102822) Hang a Plan trolley will only accommodate A2 drawing hangers.

Arnos Hang a Plan, plan drawing hangers:

Arnos Hang a Plan drawing hangers (also known as plan hangers, plan clamps or plan binders) come in two types, general and quickfile. Both hangers will fit all Hang a Plan systems that we sell.

The general front loading binder comes with a composite nylon carry handle and wing nuts. The clamp is manufactured from premium grade aluminium. The 3-piece clamp construction has superior gripping power that will hold a single sheet, or up to 150 sheets. Self-adhesive index labels are supplied for indexing and the binder has a 10-year guarantee. These plan drawing hangers are available in A0 (Hang a Plan D102A, our code 290938), A1 (Hang a Plan D100A our code 290946) and A2 (D099A, our code 102823). All are available in silver only.

The Quickfile binders are manufactured from premium grade aluminium and strong composite components.  The superior three-piece clamp design delivers a strong and even continuous grip.  Additional features include index tabs with replaceable inserts, nylon end-caps to protect furniture from scratches and a durable scratch resistant powder coat finish, available in black only.

Cut filing time in half. Quick release cam levers open and close the clamp with a simple “click”. The lever base locks the lever in the closed position. The levers twist for easy clamp adjustment. These plan hangers are available in either A0 (D202B, our code 810558) or A1 (D200B, our code 810540)

Arnos Hang a Plan, wall plan racks:

Hang a plan wall racks are available in three types:

The D063 (our code 102826) Hang a Plan, plan rack for two plan hangers is suitable for A0, A1 and A2 hangers.

The D064 (our code 470512) Hang a Plan, plan rack for five plan hangers is suitable for A1 and A2 hangers


The D065 (our code 127170) Hang a Plan, plan rack 1200 for ten plan hangers is suitable for A0, A1 and A2 hangers.