Hang a Plan


The very first Hang A Plan products were manufactured in Australia in 1970 and the first overseas Patents were applied for in Japan the same year.

Vertically suspended systems for plan filing remains the same in principal today as it did back then. However the design and features of the Hang A Plan products have been constantly improved over the years. New international innovation and design patents are constantly being applied for and granted.

Hang A Plan has become the market leader in the United Kingdom and exports account for more than 90% of total sales.

The Hang A Plan trolleys and binders are protected by invention and design patents worldwide. Further new Patents have recently been granted for Hang A Plan in New Zealand.

Hang A Plan Filing Systems are used in major construction projects. Hang A Plan products were selected and used in project such as Crown Casino in Melbourne, Australia, and Euro Disneyland outside Paris, France.

Hang A Plan is manufactured in association with Arnos Australia Pty. Ltd. in Cheltenham Victoria Australia. Arnos is an ISO 9001-2000 Quality endorsed company who were previously winners of two Federal Export Awards and more recently have been admitted to the Victorian Manufacturing Hall of Fame.

Arnos Hang A Plan produce a variety of plan trolleys, but in the UK we have a selection of their best selling ones. There are three types of plan trolleys

The D062 A2 plan trolley which is suitable for D099A A2 plan drawing hanger (this one can also be used to store A3 plans in landscape form).

The D061 A1 plan trolley will store either one of the following A1 plan drawing hangers, D100A or the Quickfile A1 plan hanger D202B and the D099A A2/A3 plan hanger.

The D060 A0 plan trolley stores A0 plan drawing hangers, A1 plan drawing hangers and A2 plan drawing hangers, these plan drawing hangers can be mixed in any combination for use with this plan trolley.

Hang A Plan also produce a range of wall plan racks for use with their plan clamps:

The D063 plan rack is suitable for two plan clamps in any size, this will hold up to 300 plans or drawings.

The D064 plan rack is suitable for 5 plan clamps in sizes A1 and A2 only, this will hold up to 500 plan s or drawings.

The D065 plan rack is suitable 10 plan clamps in sizea A0, A1 and A2, this will will hold up to 1000 plans or drawings.

Hang A Plan A1 and A0 plan hangers are available in two types:

Standard silver plan hangers with the common wingnut open and close action, available in A0, A1 and A2 sizes

The black Quickfile plan hanger which has a cam lever action that saves up to 50% of the filing time in comparison to standard plan hangers. These are available in A1 and A2

The plan hangers come with a 10 year guarantee.

We are comfortable in the knowledge that you can compare our prices against the two other well known brands in the UK, Vistaplan and Planhorse. If you can find a comparable product in their range, of the same high quality as Hang-A-Plan, we will try to match or beat that price.